A Coffee lover will need this, for real! Now you need not go anywhere to find a good cup of stress healer i.e. Your own Coffee because We do provide the essentials required to make coffee. The brew equipment that we have are:

  • Mocha Pot
  • Hario V60
  • French Press
  • Chemex


Looking for your own set of coffee machines? MountainMug coffee is the sole distributor of various coffee equipment like,

  • Espresso Machine
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Roasting Machine and
  • Others


Coffee is an Art and it really reflects you as an individual. If you are into Art or coffee or maybe looking for going abroad, you got to come and explore yourself with your ability to twist and turn along the coffee beans. We have Barista Trainings for interested ones so, let’s be a part of Mountainmug Journey together.


Specialty Coffee is the highest grade coffee available. It is specially grown and has a special way to get processed, roasted, prepared and most importantly the way it tastes so, they are called Special Coffee. Since it requires a lot of dedication and care from a lot of people in its entire life-cycle – from being a bud to a fully grown coffee so they are unlike any other coffee types. The key factors devoting this coffee to make it more special are,

  • Selective hand picking
  • 100% Organic and grown at higher altitudes
  • 80 or more than 80 points on lab test or Q- Grading.

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